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We make debt reduction and refinancing your home simple. Our fast, flexible and affordable financing options allow you to access up to 90% of the equity in your home to meet your financial needs.

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Refinance Your Home

People refinance loans to be able to get new loans with favorable terms. This process is long and tedious, and I make sure you don’t have to hassle. Whether you want to save money, pay less than you are paying, shorten the amount of time to pay the loan, change the type of loan, merge debts or pay off an overdue loan, You can also use your equity built up from paying the mortgage over a period to acquire a loan to make other essential investments like starting up a business.

First Time Mortgages

Buying a home is an exciting time! You’re about to take a big step so you’ll definitely need some advice from a mortgage professional. We’ll give you the facts your bank won’t tell you about financing your next purchase. With access to multiple lenders, we’ll help you find the best rates and best mortgage options to help you buy your dream home. Owning a home is an exciting experience as well as a wise idea. Having a place that you can go back to daily and call it your own has its own special thrill. However, many people are not sure where to start and what to look for. To make it a much easier process, one needs to get a pre-approval that makes it easier to understand your borrowing limits based on your ability to pay a loan. Once you get the pre-approval, I can be able to anticipate any issues that might arise and search for lenders willing to offer the best deals. I will take you steps closer to owning your first home stress-free.

Mortgage Renewal

Every financial plan you make should be designed in such a way that you are comfortable. There is no need of sticking with a lender that offers you rates that leave you unhappy and frustrated. Mortgage switching can make a really big difference in the duration it will take to owning your own home. I will be able to determine the best time to switch when interest rates have significantly dropped to help you get those that favor your ability to pay without a strain. Pay for your home without struggling to stay afloat. I will bring you a step closer to owning that dream house of your choice.

Switching Financing

Are you faced with a dilemma of whether to renew your mortgage with your current lender or look for another with better rates? Don’t sweat. I’m here to ease your task of decision making. My ability to bring in bulky deals for lenders helps me secure unpublished rates for my clients which would otherwise be hard to acquire when doing the transactions themselves. So, do not hesitate to procure my services as it is a guarantee renewing your mortgage will be to your advantage financial wise.

About Ali BokharaeiOver 2 decades of Experience in Mortgage Finance

I am dedicated to all my clients, and I make sure to act as your main connection to mortgages with favorable and low rates to suit your needs as a potential homeowner. I will make your mortgage ‘shopping’ less stressful and easier while still maintaining a professional and unbiased process. I completely understand how hard it is to search for the best mortgage rates from lenders, and thus I offer my services to make sure you get the best part of the deal. I have been involved in the transaction of hundreds of deals with first home buyers, clients looking to refinance or consolidate debt and property investors.

My numerous years of experience provide me with a unique ability to seamlessly obtain a mortgage plan tailor suited for you. I maintain an open line of communication with my clients to get into their minds to find out exactly what they need. Building a good relationship with clients is essential in my line of business, and that’s why I am dedicated to providing satisfactory and memorable services.

I have earned a sturdy reputation which I am keen on maintaining by ensuring that every client that walks through my door gets the best deals in the market. I will not relent in expanding my network of lenders so that we can be able to accommodate all types of people no matter their financial needs.

Feel free to contact me no matter your geographical area. I am based in Toronto but my reach travels far and wide. My passion is to see my clients get the best at all times because I hold their interest close to heart.

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What are some difficult cases?

Each country has its financial regulations. Most people who relocate to Canada do not know where to start when it comes to obtaining a mortgage or purchasing properties. I will ensure you have a smooth transition by expediting the mortgage process and provide access to several real estate experts.

Most of these clients tend to be ignored by lending institution due to the risk of falling back on payment in case the business fails thus leading to missed payments. I will focus on your equity and make out a plan that will showcase your ability to pay for the loan seamlessly and present it to various lenders to secure a mortgage.

When you are ready to renew your mortgage, I will explore many other lenders that offer better deals that could lead to a lot of saving over the stretch that they will be paying for the mortgage.

Benefits of Choosing Ali

I have access to over 10 lending institutions in Canada. This makes it easy to compare the rates and find a customized one for my clients. There is also no limit to the type of mortgage I can get you. I deal with a variety of mortgages ranging from subsequent mortgages, refinancing, private mortgages, renewals, and purchases.


I have been working in the financial sector for over 8 years which has seen me acquire exceptional skills in handling my client’s needs. I always make time for my clients to hear out their concerns and address them to make sure the mortgage acquiring process goes smoothly without any glitches.


You get to relax while I trek for you to acquire the best deal. In normal circumstances, you will have to fill numerous applications from different lenders, but I will only make you fill one form then I can do a formal comparison of loans you qualify for and get back to you to choose the one that fits your needs.

TestimonialMy Happy Clients

 Ali handled my property purchase from beginning to end with true professionalism. He was consistently available to answer all of my questions promptly. I was never concerned for a minute or worried about what was or wasn’t being done.  

Customer 1

Ali is a one-of-a-kind mortgage broker. He truly cares about his clients, and coaches them to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. His wealth of knowledge and strategic mindset allow him to come up with the best plans for his clients to buy the homes they want with the best rates, quickly, safely and comfortably. Highly recommended. 

Customer 2

Ali was on top of things from the beginning. He was quick to respond to our emails and calls, and provided us with great advice. We were able to get approved for our loan and secure a great interest rate. I’d absolutely recommend Ali Bokharaei Financial Services for their great service, knowledge of the mortgage industry, and ability to secure great rates.

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